Smoky Mountain Fly Fishing and Custom Rods




Instruction and Classes
I offer individual and group instruction in fly fishing and casting. This is for those that are beginning and want to get started right and for those with a little experience and who want to advance their knowledge or casting abilities.

Flyfish 101
This is a class that aims at the beginner or those wanting to see what fly fishing is about. The Flyfish 101 class can be presented to groups, clubs or a number of individuals with a beginning interest in fly fishing.

I start at the very beginning by explaining all the basics about rods, reels, lines, leaders, tippets and flies. In addition you will learn how to rig your outfit. I will talk about recommended equipment and cost of the various items. I also go into finding the fish and how to catch them. There is also a casting demonstration if the weather permits.


Guide Photo

Guided Trips
I offer half and full day guided trips in the Smoky Mountains. These are for all levels of experience from the beginner to the experienced fly fisherman.

Fly fishing in the Smoky Mountains is a unique
experience. It is small stream pool, pocket and fast water fishing. The streams are tight with overhanging vegetation so the casts are usually short. I build a 5 foot fly rod that is perfect for these streams. Most streams will contain both brown and rainbow trout with brook trout in some of the higher streams. At different times of the day you can fish nymphs, drys, and streamers.

I also offer tail water fishing on the Clinch River both as wade trips and float trips depending on the water release schedule. Float trips are made using a western style drift boat. This is big river fishing in open areas.

The Clinch contains rainbows and browns. While most of the fish are normal sized there are some truly large fish in the Clinch. Each year there are some caught in the 5 to 7 pound range and the state record brown of over 28 pounds came from the Clinch.